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Topical Discussions

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Topical Discussions


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 I am wondering if it is possible  to have a topical discussion which is not political Probably not, but maybe we can discuss some things in the news without it getting too heated. This topic came out of the whole Facebook row and we discussed it at our  Science Group within the broader context of cyber warfare 





Cyber Threats


We tend to think that Cyber threats are mainly to do with the security of our data and the proper functioning of those IT systems which we depend on (NHS ,Air Traffic Control,Energy Supply ) . The "war" on his front is mainly  conducted  by technicians using things like encryption,  biometrics for user authentication and the construction of "firewalls"  . This video identifies a different sort of threat.

It seems highly probable that the Brexit vote was influenced in this way and quite possibly our last general elections



Does this sort of interference in our democratic processes in any sense invalidate the out come of those processes ?

Is it illegal ?, Propaganda has always been used by ideologies in pursuit of their aims .

Facebook has been in deep trouble because it gave access  to data about us to Cambridge Analylitica. Does it provide  the same access to  Government Agencies ?

Do we and/or our partners use similar techniques against regimes we disapprove of ?

Should we worry about the vulnerability of the young to this form of "mind control" or is this just like the influence  of the press ?




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