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Books and Media

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  Books and Media 



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There are probably enough book groups in the world already .I used to wonder what they are for "Read the book and I either liked it or I didn't" about summed it up.However, when listening to what others make of a book I often wonder if it is  the same one .On rare occasions I read the book again in a completely different light. I have similar experiences with programmes on the TV or Radio .That is why I have structured the page as it is. 










Not Just Books


Elsewhere on the site we have a collection of reviews of books that have changed the way reviewer thinks about the world. This of course means  that the list is quite short but it also means that each person coming to the page probably has a review to add .


Not Just Books


John Steinbeck



In 1978 during a long illness I tried to read everything written by John Steinbeck but I recently came across a book that I hadn't read( Travels with Charlie ) .I am an occasional   visitor  to Charlie's site ( Charlie is an old friend of the vu3a), and Miall hosts a worldwide book group there  so I was pleased see some material there. 






I am not sure how to pose the following question but I'l take the risk anyway .Is there a gender divide on certain authors ? . I ask because so far all the Steinbeck obsessives I know happen to be men.Other authors that might fall into the same category are Ernest Hemingway,Grahame Green and John Le Carrre' .If there is a divide is it all down to the subject matter or is it to do with style. Counter examples are the Bronte sisters.




Monthly Podcast


I am a big fan of Melvyn Bragg's complete honesty and the  fearless way in which he presents complex topics . I think it stems from a confidence in his own powers of understanding and the belief that if people can be made to explain things properly then he  will be able to grasp the principles and so should we. I've chosen this one about Gauss,it contains a really neat mathematical trick. 

(To listen to the podcast just click on the image below)




The Bridge 



The final series is almost upon us.If you have not been following  it is worth look. I was introduced to it by one of my daughters.It is subtitled and it is one of the first portrayals I've seen of a female character who is on "the spectrum" .










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