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Arts and Theatre

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  Arts and Theatre 



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This page is completely lacking in authority. I have only recently become interested in the performing arts largely as a consequence of the live showings at my local cinema. 

I make two or three trips to the National Theatre each year, usually on a speculative basis and am seldom disappointed.

My interest in paintings started when I lived for a time in Holland and used to frequent the Rijksmuseum most weekends. I am now member of the Art Appreciation Group at Runnymede U3A and I am trying to interest them in the large body of material on the internet.












For information about the production and showings at local cinemas


Macbeth at the RSC


Saw the production transmitted live to my local cinema, as you can see it is set in relatively modern times .I find this a bit funny because I am always thinking about  why they need so many messengers when they should have combat radios or mobile phones.The witches are played by young girls each clutching a toy .Reminiscent of Rosemary's Baby ,quite chilling.


Absolute Hell


For information about the production


Absolute Hell at the NT 


No pun intended but there were many more unoccupied seats after the interval than before. Well acted and produced but we were were left wondering why it was staged.

Probably works as a piece of social history with some resonances with current times (set at the time of Labour's post war victory:"They are going to nationalise women" ) 








Edward Hopper


 A few year's ago I went to a Hopper exhibition at Tate Modern and I learnt that he is studied by people training in cinematography. Ever since  I have kept an eye out for the "Hopper shot" in modern films and been surprised to find that there nearly always is one.

I found this video curious and quite haunting. 




Beryl Cook


At the art group were shown a video of Beryl in Plymouth where she settled.Beryl said that she was basically shy and really wanted to be centre stage so she painted as compensation. Not everyone was convinced by this given her earlier career as a "show girl" . She was born in Egham which is where our group meets. 









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Laurence Julien said

at 10:58 am on May 23, 2018

For some reason I remember a conversation I had in 1978 with someone now long deceased, he told me that the Rolling Stones were to be admired for going on so long but had probably "run out of steam" . 40 years on and I am trying to get tickets for their latest tour. The opening concert in Dublin was reviewed in the Times, amongst a generally favourable review "Charlie Watts looking as if he is wondering what to have for dinner" Some things never change including the exodus to the bar when Keith Richards does his obligatory vocal.

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