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Science Page



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  The material on this page was largely developed for the Science Group at Runnymede U3A. I used to be a Physicist a long time ago, now I just enjoy revisiting the subject and looking at the wealth of material available on the internet. .This is not the place where you would come to learn the subject( there are much better  places)rather it is a place for anyone who is curious about Science  and wants a few pointers about where to look.  








My area of expertise was solid state Physics and this involved quite a lot of work with crystals. Crystals exhibit something called  geometric symmetry  and the tool that we use to work through the consequences of this is called  Group Theory. This is an introduction to the topic presented by an eminent mathematician and public communicator.





Geometric symmetry is an example of a much broader concept which was described by Herman Weyl as "If you do something and everything looks the same then a symmetry exists "

For example, if you do an experiment in the lab and then repeat it on train which is moving at constant speed you will get the same results .Slightly more formally ,The laws of Physics are invariant between frames of reference moving with constant velocity.

Emmy Noether ,pictured above, produced a beautiful theorem relating symmetry in its broadest sense to conservation laws .This theorem was instrumental in the discovery of the Higgs Boson









The preceding remarks caused me a little difficulty because I didn't want to caveat them with comments about the speed of light. I think I got away with it and they remain correct . The following clip is about relativity, if you are new to the subject you will probably wind up being puzzled by it which is absolutely fine.Some aspects of relativity are "counter intuitive" and it is one of those things that Physicists  just have to l learn to live with.




At our meeting we wondered if showing this video to school children would leave them thinking so that when the time came to learn it properly it might be more straightforward.



This page has been produced by the site developer to test the layout of the page and its usability, the content  would normally be produced by others.

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