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Technology Discussion

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Science and Technology Discussion

In the late 70's I attended a conference at Southhampton University,the theme of the conference was" How would people spend their time given that we could see ways of getting rid of repetitive work".People talked about how liberating this would be for the unskilled and how the rest of us would spend much less time working .We seem to have got most of our predictions  exactly wrong,the unskilled have been impoverished and our working lives have been extended .

Against this background I would like to suggest that the predictions made here are probably wrong but nonetheless they are interesting.


I am surprised at the progress in AI and find the arguments around games compelling.


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Laurence Julien said

at 5:23 pm on Aug 15, 2017

Got there with a few formatting issues,but this is how a wiki approach looks,I guess that those who are used to a wiki will find this easier to create and up date,end users may prefer a wordpress blog

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