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Collaborative Area







coming soon



Wiki's are ideally suited to collaborative working.To join this area

 request access and identify your home u3a in the message area.If you prefer to use "wordpress" to develop your project; facilities are available on the main site. 










Using the site 


For anyone interested, this space is built on the "wiki" technology used to build wikipedia .

There are a few basic concepts which you will need in order  to start developing a project, however feel free to experiment. To the right are some sample pages listed under "Navigator".Also to the right near the top is an invitation to "Create a Page "  Feel free to have a go it is very difficult to cause any damage.



Site Update


At present the pages here have been developed to show the "art of the possible" .The page formatting etc reflects the taste of the developer,each user is free to format pages as they wish ( simple is best to get started ). Help is always at hand just  email us .




                                                    This area has been implemented on a different platform to the main  website, if you arrived here directly and want to visit the main site  you can get there with this link u3acommunitiesonline 




This page has been produced by the site developer to test the layout of the page and its usability, the content  would normally be produced by others.

Please leave comments on the site itself  below.Any feed back is much appreciated.


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